Meeting in Santorso 2017 – 27th/28th May

Transition is a worldwide social experiment seeking to build sustainability, resilience and prosperitu by re-imagining our relationships and eocnomic and social systems. This year, the meeting of Transition Hubs from all over the world is taking place in Santorso and it offers an evening event + a whole day of workshops and games open to all… jut register below!

The registration fee is 10€, that will partially cover the expenses for the events on 27th and 28th May (lunch included!).
Payment: bank transfer on the bank account of the association Santorso in Transizione. A receipt will be issued by the association.

!!! Free for all the hubsters !!! Others will find all the information needed
for the bank transfer in the registration form.


27/5 – The Catalytic guide to Transition – 20:30 at Villa Rossi

A guide is someone who takes your hand and walks with you, an idea that pushes you beyond, a desire that allow you to discover life adventures, a means of transportation towards new scenarios. Sometimes, its catalytic converter  has holes through which thoughts, emotions, sounds and gestures spill out, filling a huge cauldron with unexpected possibilities…

Facilitators: Mavi Gianni, Antonio Graziano e Luca Malservisi

28/5 – A day in Transition – starting at 9:00 at the Centro Giovanile

Welcoming and introduction from 9 to 11, then a number of different workshops, lunch together, games, improvisation and a grand finale with Rob Hopkin’s conference. (Rob is one of the founders of the Transition Town movement).

The workshops you can register for:

First session 11:00 - 12:30

Stephen Hinton (Sweden)
The Five P’s of a resilient local economy (max 40 participants)
English with translation into Italian.

Shunro Yoshida (Japan)
Japan, Fukushima and Transition.
English with translation into Italian.

Eva Schonveld (Scotland)
Scottish-style Transition: thoughts and reflections.
English with translation into Italian.

Nils Palsson (USA)
Thniking about alternatives to the current economic model.
English with translation into Italian.

Second Session 15:00 - 16:30

Naresh Giangrande & Mike Thomas (Uk – Transition Network)
A Health-check for Transition Initiatives, a workshop dedicated in particular to Steering Groups and led by one of the founders of the Transition movement.
English with translation into Italian.

Deborah Rim Moiso (Italia)
A Transition response to earthquakes: the story of a real experience after the earthquakes in central Italy in 2016.
Italian (with translation into English if necessary)

Mavi Gianni (Italia)
Theatre in Transition, exploring inside and outside through improvisation, drama and games.
Italian (with translation into English if necessary)

Cristiano Bottone (Italia)
Transition and the public bodies, how is the “contamination” of the public bodies going? Is something changing? Can we engage them? Let’s talk about it…
Italian (with translation into English if necessary)

Third Session - 16:30 - 18:00

Cristiano Bottone (Italy)
10 things you can do right now to start your transition. Where do I start from? What do I need? Who can help me?
Italian (with translation into English if necessary)

Martina Francesca (Italy)
Let’s facilitate! An introduction to facilitation.
Italian (with translation into English if necessary)

Raul, Catalina, Gabriela…
Transition Stories from South America.
English with translation into italian

Biblioteca vivente (varie)
Meet the people who do and live Transition every day.
Various languages…

The registration for the workshops has no additional costs.


The registration fee includes a light buffet at Oasi Rossi, just a couple minutes walking from the venue.


Click on the marks to discover the places where the events are going to be held.