Messaggio per i “Dragon Dreamers”

A tutti i presenti e futuri Dragon Dreamers, ecco un messaggio giunto da parte di John Croft, l’ideatore del Dragon Dreaming:

“Dear Dragon Dreamers

You may already know that my time living in Europe is coming to an end. In September I will be travelling to Canada and the USA and in November I will be back home in Australia. Dragon Dreaming has now landed in Europe, but how will the little Dragons fare once I leave? I often say that all our work is wasted without the follow up support that follows. In August, we have organised this follow up – a Confestival (Conference Festival) integrated with the European Permaculture Convergence in collaboration with the European Transition Movement at Esherode, Kassel. We are fast approaching a critical time in the ‘Great Turning’, with climate change, peak oil and economic crisis. Dragon Dreaming offers us tools that are most helpful in organising projects that make a difference, but at this stage it is even more important that Dragon Dreamers learn of each others work and find ways of supporting and learning from each other. At the same time you can discover the secrets of Permaculture and the Transition Movement, three for the price of one!

At the time of our gathering we will be launching the new Version 2.0 of the Dragon Dreaming platform, and I am intending to have the book “Dragon Dreaming: Opening the Global Heart“ finished, and ready for publication. The program is largely open so as to be flexible in meeting your needs.

I have truly valued the time and work we have done together, and I would like to see you again before I go. If you can reserve these dates, please come and join us in the Celebration.

For the Earth

John “

Vai qui per la traduzione.

Quindi, come già molti sapranno, John Croft rientra definitivamente nella sua terra natale, l’Australia. Comunque quest’estate chi volesse ha ancora 2 occasioni per lavorare con lui:  il DRAGON DREAMING SUMMER CAMP” (dal 20 al 29 luglio a Cantù – Como) e il sopra citato “Confestival” (Conference+Festival dal 1 al 5 agosto) che si terrà a Kassel (Germania) in occasione del EUPC (European Permaculture Convergence). Caldamente consigliato ….